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How to Become a First Benefits Insurance Mutual Agent

First Benefits Insurance Mutual is proud to have some of the southeast’s finest agencies as representatives. We are looking for additional agencies that are able to sell the value proposition that First Benefits Insurance Mutual has to offer.

As a membership-based workers’ compensation insurance carrier, we seek to align with agents who are not solely driven to sell a product based on price alone. Rather, we seek to appoint agents who are able to sell value: coverage, service, benefits and reputation.

What is Membership-Based Insurance?

All First Benefits Insurance Mutual policyholders and agents are compelled to belong to an accredited, industry-related association or a chamber of commerce to qualify for our insurance. We offer a list of participating organizations and chambers, all of which have their own dues and other requirements for membership status.By partnering with representatives who come from the area and know the issues and the community, we are able to deliver superior workers’ compensation coverage with a local feel.

How a Workers’ Compensation Agent Operates

Our agents work directly with policyholders to create a culture of safety for the employees that enables companies to prevent workplace injuries and reduce their claims-related costs. We also seek agencies that want to partner with a carrier for a long-term, productive and profitable relationship.

If your agency fits these criteria, then we encourage you to contact our office at 888.393.2667 for more information on our process of agency appointment.

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