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First Benefits Insurance Mutual Claims

Claims Department Phone: 800.360.7867
Fax: 919.977.5844


Click on the state where the accident occurred for additional information and reporting requirements:


Claims Reporting

Secure Medical Treatment

First secure medical treatment for an employee who is injured at work. In an emergency, dial 911. Every state has different legal requirements for who may select medical providers to deliver care to injured workers. Click on the state specific page below for more information about the legal requirements in your state.

How to File a Claim

Claims reporting is EASY! Complete a First Report of Injury or Illness form within 24 hours of injury and submit the form along with an employee report of incident and/or witness statements by fax to (919) 977-5844 or email to (Download the form to enter your information.)

Report Workers’ Compensation Claims As Soon As Possible (within 24 hours is recommended)

Timely reporting of workers’ compensation claims is extremely important. Although late reporting does not jeopardize an injured worker’s benefits, it can greatly complicate the claim and usually results in increased costs to the employer. Here are a few ways timely reporting can save (or cost) money.

  • Securing Immediate Medical Treatment: Saves Money
  • Investigating a Case Within 48-Hours: Saves Money
  • Violating State or Federal Law: Costs Money
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment: Saves Money

Simply put, immediate reporting of workers’ compensation claims can save time, frustration and money.


State laws require you to report all claims to your workers’ comp carrier.

If you have a claim, click below to begin the reporting process:

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